If you build up wax regularly it is safe to have repeated microsuction as often as necessary to keep your ears clear. It does depend on the client but some have their ears MS 2-3 times per year.
This is not necessary with MS but may be necessary following treatment if the wax is very impacted. Although it does make it easier to remove softened wax if oil has been used prior to treatment.
Yes, MS is a good way to treat this as it removes infected debris from the ear canal and can reduce the chances of the infection reoccurring.
Yes unlike irrigation MS is safe to use if there are any perforations but ears with perforations should not have irrigation to clear them.
No sometimes it can be more appropriate to use a combination of MS, irrigation or instruments to remove the wax but if there is a preferred method please discuss this with your practitioner.
There can be some minor discomfort depending on the patient but if there is any pain you must tell your practitioner. However in the majority of cases the procedure is entirely painless and some people actually enjoy the feeling of it.
Usually immediately if the procedure is successful however if there is an underlying hearing problem this may not be the case and would recommend a hearing test with a qualified audiologist if this is the case.
We have ensured that all our venues are accessible for any of our clients.
This can be arranged if required.
Yes this is by appointment only and incurs a travelling charge depending on where the visit is.
We are happy to fill any forms out for your insurers but this needs to be checked with them prior coming for your appointment.
Earol, olive oil or almond oil if you are not allergic to nuts. Used 3-4 times per day, do not use cotton wool after as this soaks the oil back out.